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Distinctive Principles
The Free Methodist Church emphasises certain issues and concerns in its preaching and activities. A church must have an identity if it is to be healthy and carry out its purposes. Explanations follow of four of these emphases that have top priority.

1. Scripture holiness
The Free Methodist Church recognises the Bible as the rule for all matters of faith and life. Free Methodists practice a positive holiness that is a disciplined lifestyle motivated by Christian love. The holy life, a life of wholeness, is life lived at its best. It is the normal way for Christians to live.

2. Practical godliness
The Free Methodist Church is not satisfied with just talk. Standards of conduct, detailed in our Membership Covenant spell out practical guidelines for living a truly holy life. In this way, walk and talk match up.

3. Social concern
Our Methodist heritage is lived out in social sensitivity, in Christian love shown through compassion and service. Both in North America and overseas, the Free Methodist Church sponsors programmes to meet human need: hospitals, schools, homes for the elderly, and a worldwide child sponsorship programme.

4. Evangelism and foreign missions
Winning people to Christ is at the heart of all that Free Methodist people do. Evangelism involves honest concern for others. The Free Methodist Church has a vigorous plan for reaching people for Christ and planting new churches.